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Here at lowcostholidays we all love sharing our travelling stories. Why not get to know us better…


The Team



Name: Matt

Twitter Handle: @MattPayneUK

Favourite Destination: New York.

Bucket List Destination: Kenya (safari), China, Italy.

Favourite Food: Nachos, roast duck, pasta, potato dauphinoise, pizza, hummus and…(we could be here a while).

Top Travel Tip: Never go to bed too early, you can sleep at home.

Interests: Eating, travelling, theatre, tennis, skiing, partying, music, Nick Grimshaw.

In Three Words: Fun, friendly, fabulous.


Name: Aimeeaimee1

Twitter Handle: @handbagsandhols

Favourite Destination: Barbados.

Bucket List Destination: The Moon.

Favourite Food: Homemade Thai green curry.

Top Travel Tip: Vacuum pack your clothes in airtight bags as this means you can pack twice as many outfits and still have room to bring home extra souvenirs.

Interests: Blogging, fashion and cookery.

In Three Words: Bubbly, caring, organised.


Name: Faithfaith blog

Twitter Handle: @faith_norris.

Favourite Destination: Sri Lanka.

Bucket List Destination: India.

Favourite Food: Paella.

Travel Tip: Always haggle (I’m a sucker for a good deal).

Interests: Travelling, running, skiing, partying, eating yummy food, music festivals and petting cute dogs.

In Three Words:  Giggly, fun-loving and thoughtful.



Name: Fran

Twitter Handle: @francesaatkins.

Favourite Destination: Paris.

Bucket list Destination: Costa Rica.

Favourite  Food: Gourmet burgers.

Top Travel Tip: Get a hit-list of attractions together and note the location to plan what you can see each day by visiting those nearest to each other.

Interests: American TV, creative writing.

In Three Words: Tidy, fun, honest.



Name: Chris

Twitter Handle: @makenewtracks

Favourite Destination: Cambodia – it has everything, culture, beaches and the friendliest people.

Bucket List Destination: Either a few months backpacking around India or swimming with a whale shark in Australia.

Favourite Food: Pizza, failing that cheese on toast.

Top Travel Tip: Try not to overplan your travels, the most amazing experiences come when you simply let go.

Interests: I am massively into cocktails and spent a lot of time trying to find the best place for a Negroni around London.

In Three Words: Keep it spontaneous.



Name: Alex

Twitter Handle: @a_rosslyn.

Favourite Destination: Can’t get enough of Crete.

Bucket List Destination: Machu Picchu, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Turkey, Malta, Fiji… oh, just one?

Favourite Food: Four-way tie: Mexican food, In N Out Burger, sushi, and pizza.

Top Travel Tip: Never underestimate the power of Ziploc bags and never overestimate the integrity of your carry-on bag.

Interests: Food, exploring, archaeology, films, theatre, football, and sarcasm.

In three words: “The American Girl.”



Name: Rowena

Twitter Handle: @rowenaheal

Favourite Destination: Greece, followed closely by Canada.

Bucket List destination:  Japan.

Favourite Food: Olives, feta, hummus, tzatziki; pretty much anything Greek.

Top Travel Tip: You might think you need three outfits for every day, but personal, luggage weight-exceeding experience tells me you don’t.

Interests: Mojitos, horror films and Spotify playlists.

In The Words: Fiery, geeky, red-head.


Name: Ali Image 2

Twitter Handle: @ali_mcclymont

Favourite Destination: Kapas, Malaysia (although I’m not meant to reveal its existance).

Bucket List Destination: Nepal.

Favourite Food: Anything with cheese.

Top Travel Tip: Don’t embark on a heavy night of drinking when you have a 12-hour bus journey in the morning.

Interests: Travel, sport, music, cycling, beer.

In three words: Where’s my passport?



 Name: Bex 

Twitter Handle: @ThisBexIsOnFire

Favourite Destination: Edinburgh. Amazing history, beautiful cobbled streets and great pubs!

Bucket List Destination: Sorrento, Italy – for gorgeous views and Neapolitan pizza.  

Favourite Food: Chocolate, of course.

Top Travel Tip: Immerse yourself completely in the culture – especially the food!

Interests: Reading anything and everything, blogging, watching entire box sets and attempting to establish a love of running.

In Three Words: Mass of contradictions.



Name: Maria 

Twitter Handle: @Mazmckenzie.

Favourite destination: Barcelona, closely followed by Disneyland.

Bucket List Destination: To tour New Zealand, and visit Palm Beach (where they filmed Home and Away in Australia).

Favourite Food: Pulpo a La Galega.

Top Travel Tip: Always research the destination’s events calendar – there can be some fantastic local festivals that you can coincide your trip with for some memorable experiences!

Interests: Formula 1 (Lewis Hamilton), football (Barca and Spain), Disney, weekend city breaks, theatre and pretty dresses.

In Three Words: All or nothing.