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How to Pull on Holiday

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How to Pull on Holiday

Single and ready to mingle? When you are buffed, bronzed and have been on the cocktails since dawn, it is the perfect time to practice some of your best pulling techniques. We have collected the best advice we could find to make sure that the only warm, fuzzy feelings you take home are the memories…


The key is in the preparation so follow the boy scouts’ lead and avoid last minute packing!

Girls – you probably already have an established beauty routine; waxing, tanning, plucking and dyeing etc. Remember to take, and use, sun cream – no matter how much you want to be tanned, sunburn is never attractive! Also, don’t think that it is always the boy’s responsibility to be sensible…you know what we mean!

Boys – deodorant and aftershave, enough said. In clubs, girls like to steal hats and sunglasses – so be prepared…

Where to go

There are some destinations that, try as they might, will never be able to shake the 18-30 image of pool parties and drunken liaisons as the sun comes up, resulting in sand where you’d much rather it didn’t venture– Magaluf, Kavos, Ibiza… the list goes on.

During the day, one of the best places to pull on holiday is at the beach – you can challenge someone to a friendly game of beach volleyball, ask them to apply your sun cream, offer them a lick of your ice cream… the list of activities that give you an excuse to make body contact is endless!

For a completely different approach, try a city break, research some cool facts about the most popular tourist attractions, wait around for your chance to impress and offer your services as a tour guide.

Barcelona, Paris and Prague are popular all year round and you can find some really cheap flights, leaving some pocket money left over to splash out on a coffee – pavement cafes are great for totty spotting. Offering to take someone’s photo is another way to strike up a conversation and use your best cheesy lines.

Nocturnal activities

Nightclubs basically only exist to get drunk and have an excuse to dance in a confined space, so this is the perfect place to arrange to meet all of the hotties that you met during the day and pick up where you left off.

If you’re sharing a room with a friend, then it’s probably not the best idea to bring anyone back unless they have somewhere else to crash! If you do have the luxury of your own room, then make sure you remember to use the ‘do not disturb’ sign to avoid any unfortunate encounters with the cleaners!

We’re not promising that these are fail safe rules for a guaranteed holiday romance, but they’ll get you a damn sight further than just sitting round the pool with your headphones in!

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    Hi thanks for these great tips.. needed these just before i went to Benidorm.. went out there single – come home singl
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